Hi! I’m Deb Gorman and I write stories.

Stories of family drama, hurting relationships, tragic consequences, and the healing that comes when families listen to each other and forgive.

There isn’t a family on the planet who hasn’t been touched by heartbreak and betrayal. But God . . . He created the concept of family, and He cares deeply about ours.

I’d be honored to have you strap in and come along with me as we journey together, discovering all that God has planned for our families.

Deb Gorman

About Deb Gorman

I was born and reared in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I still live in my hometown with my husband, Alan, and our very smart German Shepherd, Hoka.

I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, cleverly disguised as a wife, mom, grandmom, and author.

My purpose is to connect with God’s most beautiful and clever creation, the human family, using the literary talent and imagination God gave me.

My prayer is that as we journey together, we will discover encouragement and redemption in our most important relationships.

Stories take us where we want to go...

Our Mission

Debo Publishing exists to create stories of reconciliation and redemption, and to utilize the literary arts to lead the next generation into the grace and mercy of God.

Debo Publishing

Are you wondering about the name of my company? Debo was my nickname growing up, springing from my siblings’ inability to say Debbie. It stuck. Even today, my older brother still calls me Debo sometimes.

Bee Curious

Are you curious about the bee on my logo? Let me explain. My name, Debra, means “bee” in Hebrew. Honey bees, according to some folks, make the perfect food.

And what is God’s Word to His people? The perfect food!

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Gnu Releases and Other Publishing News

Here’s a brief run-down of the next two books to be released, novels this time. And let me tell you, friend, the difference between writing creative non-fiction devotionals and novels is a steep learning curve.

The Master’s Inn

Three families, strangers to each other, are stranded in a snowstorm in Northeastern Washington State. As they get to know each other, they learn they each have secrets they’d rather not disclose. But the One who planned the fiercest storm to hit the region in decades also has a plan for them…and for us.

No Tomorrows

Walk with Annie Lee, a woman who is convinced God is telling her she will die tomorrow, as she navigates what she thinks will be her last day on earth.

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