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Do you have a service prayer that is all your own? This is mine, developed from a prayer used by my pastor in a worship service.​

“Father in heaven, I acknowledge that You know all things. I submit myself to You for service. Like Isaiah, I answer Your call. ‘Lord, here am I, send me.’

​I know You’ve shaped who I am today. You’ve given me this personality. You have blessed me with gifts, abilities, and passions. Every event in my life, whether large or small, happy or sad, has been filtered through Your hands. You have rejoiced at my victories and wept at my rebellion. You have never left my side, choosing instead, in Your infinite love and mercy, to enfold me in Your arms on every occasion.

I pray You would use me to reach a unique group of people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Father, please still my heart, calm my fears, and reduce my excuses. The time is short. The harvest is plentiful. Use me to enlarge Your kingdom.​

May my stories of the King blend with every other story written about the King, in order to bring a complete, accurate picture of You to the world. May I re-gift God’s Word in such a way as to draw all men unto You, causing me to fade into the background and Your great heart to be revealed.​

I quiet myself now to hear Your voice.​ In the matchless Name of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus the Christ. Amen.”​

I encourage you to spend some time thinking about what God has called you to, and then to craft your own, allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you. And when it’s finished, make sure you write it, type it, paint it, or set it to music. Place it in a strategic location. Mine is taped to my laptop, so that it’s the first thing I see when I open it to begin my day of writing.

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