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My dear Readers–it’s finally the day you’ve been waiting for! You get to meet a feisty little three-year-old (along with her mother, Annie, for your own protection). Ha!

Nora Lee–affectionately known as Nora-Bora by the Lee family–is a tiny bundle of energy, wit, and scary intuition, with a no-holds-barred talent for saying what no one else will. I say scary because she is often able, even at her tender age, to sift through what others are trying to hide from each other and bust the conversation wide open . . from her high chair. 🙂

She’s particularly homed in on her mother, who is troubled by her past and lives her life waiting for the other shoe to drop. Annie is schedule-driven, freakishly enslaved to making sure the boundaries around her life and her family’s are secure–and that all seven of them, including Max, the family dog, are where they are supposed to be all the time.

Of course, at age three, Nora cannot articulate this–but she knows her mother is afraid. And, one day on a crisp, sunny afternoon play date with Nora in the neighborhood park, Annie’s fears take on a life of their own and threaten to send her into a familiar abyss.

No more spoilers . . .

Here we go–hang on for dear life, everyone.

Deb: Annie, are you and Nora on?

Annie: Yes–no–yes, here she is, the little scamp. Nora, Miss Deb is on the line to talk to you. Remember, I told you it was today. Where were you? It’s rude to keep Miss Deb and all her friends waiting.

Nora: I was waking Mr. Bear up, Mommy. He wanted to be here–don’t you remember I told you that?

Annie: Oh, of course. Why don’t you introduce Mr. Bear to Miss Deb and her friends.

Nora: But, Mommy, they can’t see him.

Annie: That’s okay, honey, you can tell them what he looks like.

Nora: Well, he’s brown and furly–

Annie: Furry–

Nora: Oh, that’s right. Sissy told me today . . . Mr. Bear is furry, not furly. It’s easier to say, too.

Annie: That’s right, honey. Now, what else can you say about him?

Nora: He knows things.

Deb: That sounds interesting, Nora. What kind of things does Mr. Bear know?

Nora: Mommy, can I tell? (Sound of whispering . . .)

Nora: But, Mommy–you said always tell the truf–and we did hear you crying. (More whispering . . .)

Nora: Okay, Mommy. Miss Deb, I’m not s’posed to say we heard Mommy crying. Mr. Bear knows why. He told me it’s because Mommy’s afraid that something will happen to me, like–

Annie: Nora–

Nora: Oops. I’m sorry, Mommy, I forgot. Miss Deb, Mr. Bear knows that two plus two is four. He told me . . . and Sissy helped him.

Deb: That’s awesome, Nora. What else does Mr. Bear know? Let’s see, does he know why your Mommy likes butterflies so much?

Nora: I don’t know . . . Mr. Bear, why does Mommy like butterflies? Is it because she–

Annie: Deb, I think we’re done. Nora needs to eat some lunch now and take her nap. I’m behind in my schedule by almost thirteen minutes.

Nora: Mommy! Thirteen minutes? Bye, Miss Deb . . . (Sound of running feet.) Mr. Bear, come on, we have to go to the kitchen and eat lunch, or Mommy . . . (Voice trails away.)

Annie: Sorry, Deb. I hope you and your readers enjoyed meeting Nora. She’s a scamp for sure. Of all of them, she needs the most reining in, I swear.

Deb: Oh, Annie, we did. I hope I didn’t make her say too much–

Annie: No worries. I’ll have to have another talk with her about her very vivid imagination. Maybe she can be a writer some day, right? Like you–

Deb: Oh, I don’t know about that. Enjoyed talking to her, and you, of course. I’ll let you go now so you can catch up on your schedule. Bye!

Annie: Bye! Nora, come on, let’s eat some lunch . . . where’d you go? (Voice clicks off)


Well, that was fun! What a lively bunch Annie has. Good thing she and Roger are young, relatively speaking. Too much liveliness for me, that’s for sure.

Readers, what do you think? Interesting, huh? Sounds like Miss Nora knows some things . . . or was it Mr. Bear? And for a three-year-old, her conversation and language skills are astonishing, didn’t you think so? I certainly hope this little chat fired up your curiosity about just what goes on in the Lee household.

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The next No Tomorrows Character Interview will publish on November 9th. We’ll talk with Annie’s husband, Roger, and I can promise you, he knows Annie like a book! (No pun intended, of course…)

And, just to let you know ahead of time, I plan to take a break from blog posting and emailing after November 9th, and I’ll pick it up again in January 2022 (unless I have news I just have to share). 🙂

Until the 9th, then . . . stay safe and healthy.

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    1. Thanks, Kay! And congrats again on your TKZ gig…I’ll look forward to your posts. What day will you be posting on?

      And I think you’re right about the very old and very young. For this one, I had to delve into my over-40-now children’s lingo from a long time ago. But it was fun. And as I listened to the interview (and typed as the characters dictated), I discovered the 2+2=4 bit…might have to add that scene somewhere. 🙂

  1. Deb, I’ll be posting on TKZ every other Monday beginning on November 8.

    I have two young girls in my WIP. It’s been a delightful experience to have them tell me what to write. I found myself laughing out loud a few times.

    Looking forward to the release of your book.

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