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From Perfect to Broken

Flawed Families 101

Let me tell you a story. It was a dark and stormy, not really. It was typical day in the neighborhood where Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel lived after being thrust out of God...
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Meet Bill Brown

A Master's Inn Character Interview

Welcome, my friends...trying to get the high-powered businessman, Bill Brown, back on the phone here. Tech difficulties. You'd think he'd know what to do......
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This is not a Covid post . . . I promise

This is not another blog about Covid...shudder! Need to make that clear at the outset, before you hit the delete key. ...
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A Visit With Susan Brown

A Master's Inn Character Interview

Hello, my lovely readers! Today, I give you Susan Brown, wife of Bill, and patient mother of Joanie. I cornered Susan the other day and hit her up for an interview. The first date ...
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The Potter’s Shed

Where marred becomes beautiful . . .

Have you been marred by life, by choices you have made or ones that have been made for you? ...
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The Mercy Thorn

The Curse becomes God's Grace

"...Do not be afraid of the has a great purpose in this dark world."...
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