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Mayra, Hank, and Kimmie Lee Sound Off

A No Tomorrows Character Interview

G’Day, my faithful tribe!

Our guests today are Mayra, Hank, and Kimmie Lee, the three older children of Annie and Roger Lee. Should be interesting.

Just between you and me, Annie says Mayra and Hank are, shall we say, combatants most of the time?

But, we’ll give this a go. I have them on the line–and I already hear some dispute going on over who’s in charge of the phone. Annie promised me she’d hover nearby if I need her.

So, readers . . . buckle up!


Okay, kiddos, are you all there?

(Sounds of garbled yelling . . .)

Whoa! One at a time, please. When I call your name, say “present”, just like in school. Mayra?


Hank, let me have it! (Scuffling noises) Present–


So, Hank, I assume you’re here.


No, Miss Deb, I’m here, not over there!

Hank, don’t be such a smart mouth.

Yeah, Mayra, and you’re not?

Kids, behave yourselves. Sorry, Deb . . .


That’s okay, Annie. Kimmie, are you there?


Yeah, but no one will give me the phone–




Hank, let go of your sister. See what I mean, Deb? I’m not sure this is a good idea . . . for you, I mean.


It’s okay. So, Mayra, you’re fifteen, right? And Hank, you’re thirteen?


Yeah, I’m thirteen. Ow, Mayra!

No you’re not! Not yet, anyways. I’m fifteen, way older than Hank! What, Mom? I can’t hear you over Hankster’s noise.

I said, it’s “anyway”, Mayra, not “anyways”.

Whatever . . .


Mayra, I heard something about a weird essay you have to write. Care to tell us about it?


It’s not that weird. Anyways, I mean anyway, are you sure you want your readers to know about that . . . now? Don’t you want to save it for when they read our book?


Yes, I guess you’re right about that. But, I heard it scared your Mom when you told her about it.


Mayra: I guess so. Didn’t it, Mom? Oh, she’s in the kitchen. I don’t know why she freaked out over an essay, though. It’s not like it’s really gonna happen, right?

Hank: How do you know, smarty? Maybe it will . . . maybe even before you write it!

Mayra: Shut up, Hank!

Kimmie: Hey, we’re not supposed to say shut up. So, shut up about it. *Giggle* Sorry, Miss Deb.

Deb: Oy! What a handful you guys are!

Hank: Yep, that’s us, a handful. Hey Miss Deb, do you know what the speed of dark is?

Deb: I heard that one already, Hank. Remember, I was there on the page the first time you told that joke.

Hank: Oh, yeah, that’s right. Silly me! You heard Kimmie, right? She cracked me up with her question.

Deb: I heard, Hank. But don’t say too much, okay? We want our readers to enjoy it for themselves.

Annie: Okay, kiddos, time to get off the phone. Sorry, Deb, but it’s homework time.

Mayra: Yeah, and Mom never, ever deviates from her schedule . . .

Hank: Or ours . . .

Annie: Enough. Get yourselves upstairs. Hey wait–give me that phone, Hank.

*Sound of tromping feet on stairs*

Annie: Whew! I don’t know how you did that, Deb. Did you get what you needed from them?

Deb: Yeah, I think so. We talked specifically about Mayra’s essay. But she wouldn’t give us the title of it.

Annie: That’s because I expressly told her not to discuss it with you. It’s not particularly relevant, is it? It’s just a boring school essay, as Hank said the other night.

Deb: Now that’s where I disagree with you, Annie. I think that essay is the core of your story. And for you–

Annie: Whatever. I think I’d better get upstairs and make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Nice talking with you again, Deb. Although I think I’ve bored your readers again . . .

Deb: Wrong again, Annie! But thank you for your time. And, Nora’s interview–we’re still on for that?

Annie: Of course. A promise is a promise. ‘Bye!

Readers, what do you think? I know what I think . . . Annie needs our prayers. And that wasn’t even all of her children. Last but not least–as they say–will be Nora, affectionately known as Nora-Bora by the Lee family. She’s the most entertaining and intelligent three-year-old I’ve met in a long time.

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2 responses to “Mayra, Hank, and Kimmie Lee Sound Off”

  1. Hi, Deb. Love the interviews and the anticipation for what’s next! I’m hooked.

    • Deb Gorman says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Nancy! It’s always good to hear from readers. I wish I could say when No Tomorrows will be published…maybe a few months yet. Have a great day!

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