My Favorite Reads

Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay

Do you have favorite books and stories you like to read over and over again? So do I. There’s something comforting about reading a familiar, well-written story with characters who jump off the page and wrap around your heart. The first three, below, are favorite novels by three of my go-to authors. I recommend them whole-heartedly. Happy trails as you dive in and tag along with some captivating and memorable characters. And if you are a writer, have fun with the fourth book, James Scott Bell’s excellent craft offering on writing dialogue that dazzles. If you’d like to buy, just click on the link.

Charles Martin’s A Life Intercepted is a beautifully written story of love and loss and love again, set in a small football town in Georgia. Martin’s prose is rich, and his characters memorable.

A beautiful story of a lost war hero who is found by the comrades he saved in Vietnam. Aaron Miller, Medal of Honor winner, now a handyman, discovers that someone has not forgotten him and will move heaven and earth to find him. The Reunion, by Dan Walsh, will stay in your memory long after you finish it.

Rooms, by James Rubart, is the mind-bending story of a young man’s wounded past, and how he discovers its connection to his future in the rooms of a beautiful mansion on the Oregon coast he didn’t know he owned.

Want to know how to add dazzle to your novel? James Scott Bell, the foremost writing craft teacher and mentor, shows you how in How To Write Dazzling Dialogue. A must-have craft book for serious novelists. Written with characteristic JSB wit and the concise language appreciated by busy writers.

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